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The History in Art

The way the bricks and mud have been shaped into Pyramids and The Sphynx's Head have held together for so long has always sparked an interest for me. I can only imagine the roughness and color of the rock and mud after sitting for so long. This Architecture is of great historical importance. This sketch would also be great to see considering all the details the author included.
The Taj Mahal is a beautiful symbol of love. After loosing his wife during a child birth the husband wanted to place his wife in the most beautiful place on earth. The time to create this masterpiece was more than 10 years. The symmetry of the design was well thought out. The color represents the purity of the mans love for his wife. Using the white marble on helped to set off the magnificent glossy walls.
The Edinburgh Castle was built before the 2nd Century AD Era on top of a massive rock hill. The strategy to build in such a spot to prevent being blind sided with a fight or war show significant thought. The massive size of the Castle build by rock and stone has mostly held up for many years. The landscape of the ditches and tall rock walls were in place for security but overlooking the town. Not only do I want to see what such an aged building looks like but I would love to see the history, time, and art that was bestowed into such a place.
Being able to see a carved out rock church is high on my priority list. Someone took the time to carve stairs leading to a cross, and arch ways out of a giant pile of rock. Inside the rock cave someone built a church, carving out a doorway and windows. The rock was smoothed down to a lighter apperance showing the enterances and small windows; alone the sides are smoothed out arches. This church is a wonderful symbol of the way worship happened before modern architecture happened.
The Berlin Wall is a big part of Germany's history. The wall built of concrete or rock in just a short amount of time shows how urgent the wall needed to go up. The fact that it still stands today shows the strength of the materials used. Although it was a horrific thing, the people around Germany have created other works of art along the wall. Graffiti from all types of people have been painted, carved, and drawn into the wall, there are many colors and different line work, fast work and work that took a long time to create. A wall that once symbolized a bad war has been turned into a magnificent string of artwork.
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