One Point perspective

"I have neither given nor recieved unauthorized aid on this work" - Anna James

Foreground: There is a corner of a long wall. Middleground: There are buildings on the sides of the sidewalk/road. Background: The stree and builings turn and then start to vanish behind the middle ground.
Foregound: There are lined up columns going down a hallway. Middleground: There is an arch that has carved artwork above it in the building material. Background: There is a bridge and hills in the background.
Foreground: There is a plantand steps going down. Middleground: There is a big cross structure/scultpture. Background: There are buildings and cars going down a street.
Foreground: There are little boats in the water. Middleground: There are buildings along the sides of the river. Background: There is an arch with more buildings behind it.
Foreground: There are 2 vertical columns. Middleground: There are 3 people and there are arches with curved line designs. Background: There is a window that might be a stained glass window.
Foreground: There are people in the streets and stairs that go up. Middleground: There are brick buildings with windows. Background: There is a car and a street that curves with buildings on both sides.
Foreground: There are trees on a dirt hill. Middleground: There are boats in the ocean. Background: There is a castle.
Foreground: There is the river's bank that has rocks and trees. Middleground: There is a man standing by the water. Background: There is a bridge and a castle.
Foreground: There are soldiers on horses. Middleground: There is a whole village/community. Background: There are mountains.
Foreground: There are boats in the river. Middleground: There are boat docks with boats by the dock. Background: There are buildings and the cross on top of a church.
Credits: All media
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