this gallery's theme is american woodlands. my goal in portraying the american woodlands was to give the viewer less of a concrete vision of the subject and more of an innate sense of the subject. i tried to accomplish this goal using a variety of different natural colors surrounding a rich green core. i loosely drew from various regions of america in order to give an expansive view of the woodlands - the pacific redwoods and greenery, the barren and mountainous american southwest, and the bright and ripe middle america. it was a particular objective of mine to contrast schools of painting with each other, so that their effect is amplified. for example, i juxtaposed a genteel natural scene painted by palmer c. hayden with morton livingston schamberg's harmonious modernism. my favorite painting of this gallery (if i had to pick) would probably be the schamberg painting. the geometry of it fascinates me endlessly.                                                                                                                         curated by owen zoll.

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