The Art of Emotion

Art is creation of all things great and small. It's found all around us from the glow of the rolling clouds at sunset, to the bowing fields of green grass as a storm approaches in the distance. These images of natural beauty strike emotion in the hearts of you and I; because we are, in ourselves, creations of living art painted on a vast and ever changing canvas. With a slight stroke of emotion, our faces tell different story without uttering a word. Joy, happiness, wonder, anger, fear, pain, sorrow; this gallery is the art of the human condition captured in a moment of emotion.  

JOY. This photo captures the image of an elated child sitting in a stroller on the street. With his mother caring for him, he smiles at the photographer. People are emotional beings, but none more so than a child whose face always tell the truth. This child's truth is simply, pure joy.
HAPPINESS. This photo is of a woman laughing while in the company of a man. She is possibly on a dinner date, or having lunch with a relative. Of all of the stories that could be perceived from this photo, by her undeniable smile, the emotion remains universal that this woman is indeed happy.
LOVE. Perhaps the number one recognizable human emotion is love. It reveals itself in many forms from familial, friendships, and partnerships. This photo is of two men displaying their close affection for one another as they smile and embrace one another.
CURIOSITY. The photo is of a little girl staring into the camera beside a large vehicle as if caught off guard. Her eyes are slightly closed as she attempts to decipher the what is happening in front of her. Children, like sponges, soak up the world around them. In this moment, we are offered a glimpse of her world and wonder what she is thinking.
WONDER. The world around us is constantly changing, while we stand in awe admiring it's progress. Wonder is evoked in a moment of unexpected surprise. The woman in this photo stares off into the distance at something that has caught her complete attention. With her head forward and her mouth open in awe, she causes the viewer to be as captivated by her as she is by what she sees.
CONTENT. With the allure of new and shiny things, content is an emotion that is obtained when one wants no more. The elderly woman in this photo exhibits an aura peace. With a soft smile she stands, with an arm relaxed on a vase, as if reminiscing over the proud memory of the life she has lived.
REMORSE. There is a saying that windows are the eyes to the soul. This photo is of a man whose eyes seem to look directly into yours. As if to apologize, his face speaks of guilt and remorse. As a viewer, one could only wonder what it is that he wants to say.
SADNESS. This photo is of a young boy in the mid-1900's . He stares somberly into the camera with his hands in his pocket while children seem to play in the background. A man sternly points to the right of the photo as if to direct the boy home. The look in his eyes seem to tell the story many viewers are familiar with; "It's time to go home".
GRIEF. This photo seems to depict a moment in life that everyone dreads to experience, loss. The three women, covered in ceremonial black, stare downward at the subject of their pain. With war, conflict, famine, starvation, sickness, occurring around the world, this photo brings the viewer into the photo to empathize with the women.
DESPAIR. This photo shows a man experiencing extreme sorrow. He sits on the side of the street, crying out as people walk by and stare. Although this man doesn't seem to be homeless, the photo brings to thought the plight of homelessness and how people simply choose to ignore a man in need. This is possibly the message the photographer intended.
Credits: All media
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