The Absence of Color: Noir

Black and White pieces from all over the world and from different times in the world.

To start off our look at noir pieces of art I went with this piece which is completely comprised of black and white. This captures what using black and white can really do for a piece. Define it.
For this next piece, I chose something a little more modern and a bit more colorful. There is a definite bonus to add color to something than is mainly black and white. It makes it pop!
Going back to an older style, I wanted to show that black and white was used in all times. And has been discovered to really help in defining items within the piece. This silhouette is gorgeous.
Now I wanted to show that black and white is something used all over the world in art. This piece in particular just barely allows you to try and figure out the item within.
Another black and white piece from Asia. This piece of Bukhan Mountain really uses it's lack of color to give an aura to the piece.
Now let's travel back to the baroque art pieces. Baroque is one of the best art styles to show the power of lighting in pieces!
Not as old of a piece but it hold an old style with the way it is set up and adds an air of living in the past.
This is a very modern version of the art style using a lot of black. This piece really uses the dark and light to make the colors pop!
Another modern piece. This one uses patterns to give shape and texture to this black and white owl.
An older piece. This is a sketch done while studying an oval ceiling. They likely used black and white to make sure they got all the details from the ceiling.
This piece, very similar to the last is based for a ceiling painting. It uses the black an white to really give a sense of lighting in this piece.
This piece has a bit of a yellowing effect but is still mainly black and white. This coloring effects the depth of the building.
Finally! A self-portrait! The fact that he made the self-portrait in black and white really allows him to focus more on the lighting and looks rather than the colors.
And now we have a sculpture. The piece although not completely black gives a very definite shape against the white background.
And now we go back to a more modern piece. This photo of a man eating a banana really shows the age of the photo due to coloring and style of clothing.
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