Di polo's State Of Mind - Emmanuel munyi

I chose, the works of a great Italian painter, Giovanni Di Paolo. A chosen theme was visual based theme of perspective and how the image looks color, light and story wise , with a bit of subject based theme in history which was more directed towards emperor leaders and their respective cultural religion, giving an introduction into what conspired in the medieval times. Giovanni Di Paolo has an outstanding way of capturing, very detailed and well colored, depicted images that not only evoke emotions of the soul and creative mind, but also intrigue discussion and  criticism amongst people. Epic! 

The image depicts a golden headless ornament with a picture of Shah Fath Ali. With 2 symbols in the shape of crescent and rising sun. Decorated with his portrait which was painted in enamel. Reflects theme in respect to royalty and muslim religion.
An emperor seats on his throne, with pigeons at his fee, while his appointed leaders bow infront of him as he seems to be feeding the birds. This represents the theme in unconventional ways whereby,a king were known as this demanding power stricken ego centric but the simplicity of him feeding the birds gives us a different view into royalty.
Christ seats on a well, while having a conversation with one samaritan woman, while to the right of the painting, a group of guys watch as this conversation depicted by hand gestures and leading eye lines unfolds. The painting, set in a Sychar, attempts to create spacial depth, Showcasing religious perspective
The Entombment
John the baptist to many christians served a great role during Christ's gospel outreach. He was not only a great man but a servant of his people. In this painting depicted by Giovanni, it happens to be that Salome step daughter of king Herod asking for johns head.
The Creation of the world and the expulsion from Paradise.
Saint Nicholas of Tolentino Saving a Shipwreck
Ecce Agnus Dei
Saint Claire Rescuing a child Mauled by a Wolf.
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