Elements of Art

Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has know. -Unknown

Line: I think this represents line well because it is just vertical lines.
Shape: The artist used organic shapes to achieve the flowers.
Color: The colors of this piece are intense and contrast well with each other.
Value: The shades go from lightest to darkest.
Texture: Monet shows texture in his painting by his brush strokes and the layers of paint.
Space: This artwork shows space because its filled but it's not overflowing.
Form: This artwork shows forms with the shapes that look 3 dimensional.
Movement: Van Gogh uses movement with this painting by the strokes. Your eyes follow the swirls and the way they are going.
Pattern: The pattern is constant throughout the textile.
Contrast: The colors of his hair and skin contrast with the blue.
Emphasis: I picked this because the artist used emphasis on the flower.
Balance: The artist used balance by making the person equal on both halves of their body.
Scale: There is a older person and a smaller person.
Harmony: All the colors are people and objects that flow with each other.
Variety: There is a big diversity of the color of dots.
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