The Waters of Change

Joe Gorman

I chose this piece because it is almost like two entirely different paintings. At the big picture, you see the epic scene of a burning ship, but there is a world of chaos in the detail. It is fine art.
I chose this piece because I really like the perspective of the viewer as if you are almost literally drowning in this piece, as opposed to my previous and next pieces where the viewer is looking on from a distance into the water. Also a great piece to really zoom in on to see the brush strokes. This is fine art
I chose the siren because I like the mythology behind it, but I also like the calm scene of this painting contrasting with the sailors inevitable horrible fate. I had a good time noticing the pile of bones to the bottom right. This too, is fine art.
This was my favorite piece in that it is really the most intense of the paintings and the use of dreary colors and rough strokes really captures the feeling or idea of a storm more than the image of one. This is fine art.
I liked this piece because it seems nearly impossible to sculpt something as fluid as water, yet this sculpture does a great job of being something that can easily resemble a wavy sea. At first I thought it was a rug and a craft, but I later found it is a sculpture and is fine art.
Credits: All media
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