Coastal Impressions

This gallery includes representations of beaches with people, animals, and boats as portrayed by Impressionist Artists.

This piece depicts three fishing boats tied up upon the shoreline of a beach. The piece is painted in the Impressionism style with strokes of paint representing the images in the moment rather than a more severe precise representation.
The piece of impressionism art displays two fishermen leaning against a shored boat looking off in the distance at an unknown object or event. The painting conveys impressions of a specific moment.
A woman stands on the shoreline holding her child in her arms. The softer lines and strokes of the landscape and woman are easily identifiable as an Impressionism technique for relaying a moment in time.
Two woman in white stroll along the shoreline walking in the wind. The brush strokes employed within this painting portray a feeling of movement and flow, again, representing a common Impressionist technique.
The rough fluid depiction of this shoreline with its docks, people, and boats floating easily fit the into the category of Coastal Impressions. The brush strokes represent real life plants and landscape features without giving exact representations of each item.
This piece depicts several fishermen gathered with at least two small fishing vessels upon a shoreline. The painting techniques employed give the impressions of the men, the setting and the moment while avoiding severe exacting lines.
Here a boy clad only in a sun hat leads a white horse from the surf after presumably taking a bath. The shoreline depicted behind the two main figures is partially out of focus with the rough impressionism strokes so widely observed within the Impressionism genre.
A group of people are gathered together under the shade of an awning on a seashore lounging on the beach. Although they are the main focus of the piece the rough depictions of their features are classic in Impressionism art. The piece is meant to capture a moment in time not a specific persons facade. representation.
Another gathering of people sitting upon the seashore is easily assigned under the Impressionism genre. With its sweeping strokes that portray the various items depicted within without exactly or specifically drawing importance to those items but rather the moment in time and space.
A white sand beach, under an overcast sky, with aquamarine blue waters, where obscure depictions of people and boats give the clear focus of this piece being the moment and space in time and the feeling of presence in that moment.
Credits: All media
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