Us and Nature

The main theme of this gallery is nature. The pieces in this gallery show a unique perspective of human presence among the wild. In each piece, human traces appear showing our impact on nature's untouched environment. 

Route 66, a historic highway stretches across the desert of New Mexico. A road sign brings meaning and perspective to the photo. The nature surrounding it shows how deserted and untraveled this highway truly is.
The leaves on the trees, and light clothing suggest it is a warm day in Rutland, Vermont. Many different elements of nature are visible. A family is in the front of the painting with endless wildlife behind them.
The main focus is a swim spot in a wide stream. In the background, a village and bridge shows this spot has been well acquainted with human presence combining human life with nature.
Tall, jagged mountains show how unaccessible a house is as it sits in a deserted reserve above a stream. The perspective shows many elements of nature starting with water at the bottom, and ending with the sky, at the top.
Route 66 winds down the mountainous Arizona desert during the golden hour. The road shows the only sign of human life among miles of land.
A large broken piece of a building lies on the oceans edge surrounded by nothing but sand and water. The sky fills 3/4 of the painting creating a unique perspective with the ocean front extending into the sea.
A boat sails through a crystal clear lake with a snow capped mountain surrounding. The perspective shows a breathtaking view of the outdoors with a small amount of human creation.
A dirt road stretches into the open country as cows roam the fields. The few signs of human life consist of a dirt road and cows. The perspective begins with an open plain in the front of the painting, and ends with a tight forest in the back.
A canoe lies on the edge of Lake George while small mountains glow in the background. Many different elements of nature are present as the only human life shown is the person and canoe.
An open grass field is shown from a high view bringing a unique perspective to the painting. Flowers in the front and hills in the background create depth as there are few signs of human life.
Credits: All media
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