Perspective: Breathing Life Into Our Eyes

Perspective gives the way we see things options, from what would appear to be one view, into something much more. Surfaces that are two-dimensional are suddenly giving us the imagery of physical three-dimensional space. Perspective can't alter the emotion of an art piece, making something or someone feel empowering and omnipotent from one view to hopeless and insignificant through another view. Perspective breathes whole new life into the way we view things. 

This piece shows the empowerment of perspective used in an ant view from a 3 perspective.
This map of Fort Worth shows the opposite of last paintings ant view to the sense of significance the viewer gets from the birds eye view.
Using the one point perspective in this image gives the strong emotions of the independent "litle guy" and his feelings towards certain politics.
This piece takes on a whole new level of story telling through its use of 3 (arguably 4) point perspectives and creates new ideas through the use of the mirror imagery.
The multiple perspectives used in this work gives volume to the painting and creates a sense of hustle and bustle in the emotion.
The perspective views in this image invoke a helpless/hopeless feel to it showing the amount of people in that amount of space and the small child with a maid as the focal point.
This 1 point perspective piece highlights the boats in this painting and gives them great significance as the focal point. This method can be used on any item along with scaling to make anything the go to item of a painting.
Here the artist captures the elaborateness of these buildings with his 3 point perspective showing us the size as if seen straight from our very eyes.
Perspective used in this piece allowed for the placement of some key shadows which effect the colors and overall mood of the piece. Effective lighting gave this painting the enclosed and low-key feel.
Again, here we can encapsulate the significance that is the size of this building in comparison to all of the people in it through this 3 point perspective painting.
The 1 point perspective in this painting generates the mystery in it by placing items in the view and guiding the viewers eyes down the middle. It also gives attention to the woman in the background as the audience is guided to her.
This 1 point perspective painting gives weight to the size of the church as the hallways seem to stretch a tremendous length in the building.
This painting highlights the river from this perspective showing its length, even stretching around the bends of the buildings and giving the idea of a major city canal.
The use of a dynamic 1 point perspective on this two dimensional surface gives the wild feeling of the train coming at the viewer.
This two point perspective painting gives the audience imagination because they're given enough detail as how each view might look that they may be able to create what the rest of the image would look like if it continued.
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