ANZAC soldier carrying comrade to safety, risking his life to save another.
soldiers wearing masks to protect from various gases. Standing by each other for support.
soldier writing a letter to someone who is close to him, close friend or family. Keeping in touch with his personal life, not forgetting what he is actually fighting for.
soldiers side by side, fighting for each other. Waiting for action.
attending to wounded, helping a friend who helped their country.
temporary home for many of the soldiers, potential death bed. But doing it as a family.
soldiers working together to rid the enemy, willing to die for each other is what makes them live. For each other more than the country.
doing what they love, but for other family.
preparing for war, but together they go as a group. Pursuing the other side.
going into open field, exposed, but doing it together, as family they go to war.
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