The Demise of the Son of God - adam fox

This gallery represents the different depictions of Jesus Christ's death  in various  types of paintings using different mediums from canvases to wood planks.  Various influential artist give their take on one of the most documented events in man-kinds history.  These paintings depict the pain and suffering that not only Jesus went through, but the people who cared about him most.  

This is a depiction of Jesus's death on the cross. The emphasis on death surrounds this painting. Jesus's painfully lifeless face shows the amount of suffering that he went through. Also, the skeletal remains beneath Jesus feet, and the storm looming in the background further emphasize his death.
This painting depicts Jesus' body lying between to angels. Jesus lying dead between two crying angels shows the pain and sorrow of the event of his passing. Also, the pale tent of Jesus' body with the blood coming out of his wounds show the amount of pain that Jesus suffered during his death.
This painting depicts Jesus' body being carried into his tomb. This depiction of Jesus Christ's death shows a scene of the Apostle's carrying Jesus' body into his final resting place. You can tell that Jesus is death from the color of his white body compared to the other people in the room. The solum look on the other people holding Jesus show how much they loved Jesus.
This painting depicts Jesus hanging on the cross in between two other criminals being crucified. The form of Jesus' body hanging lifeless shows how exhausting his crucifixion was on him. The women hugging the cross beneath Jesus draws a line for you to focus upon her to represent the pain of Jesus' death inflicted upon her.
This painting depicts Jesus lying dead in the arms of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. There is an angel above Jesus holding his cross representing his death. The color of Jesus' body is white and pale portraying that he is dead. The shape of the people holding Jesus are portraying a depressed anguish look upon their faces. This shows how sad the passing of Jesus was.
This painting depicts the Entombment of Jesus Christ after his death. The space in which Jesus is in draws a line from outside of the tomb to the crosses where Jesus was killed to the sarcophagus where his dead body will lie. This is showing the entire event of Jesus' death in the painting.
This painting depicts death of Jesus where St Francis collects the blood of Christ in the golden cup. There are a variety of different visual aids to represent the death of christ from the various tools used during the crucifixion to the cross behind Jesus. Also, you can see Jesus' final wound made from the Spear of Destiny where his blood pours out from further representing his death.
This painting depicts Jesus Christ carrying the cross moments before his crucifixion and ultimate death. The scale in this painting is very close up to show the details of his pain and suffering leading up to his death. You can see blood running off his brow from the crown of thorns atop his head. Which draw a line to his facial expression of pain on his face.
This painting depicts Jesus just after he was taken down from the cross after his death. The extremely dark shadows and colors portray a dark and solum scene. The women behind Jesus clasps her together while looking at Jesus showing how important he was to her. Jesus' lifeless body portrays a shape of death in this painting.
This painting depicts Jesus hanging for the cross while Mary sits beneath him. The color of the clouds is dark and grey depicting a very sorrowful scene. Also, Mary sits underneath Jesus crying showing her great sadness she feels for the death of Jesus. Even the land is very barren which portrays a depressing scene.
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