Luke James' ARt gallery

The Color Black as Sadness in Art

The dark areas in this picture make it look depressing. The black areas surrounding each boat may resemble suffering or war.
The dark areas around the tree and the color of black in this picture gives the scene a look of sadness and death. What seems like a depressing scene can only be viewed as something mysterious.
The image is off Jesus being put on the Cross. The dark background and image give the viewer a feeling of sadness.
The dark background gives viewers and understanding of war. Because everything is shadowed, grief is felt.
The dark storm in this image gives the reader a feeling of uneasiness. The sailors are caught in a storm. The blackness signifies the sadness.
The darkness in this image of what looks like a man trying to be saved from a tree. The darker colors in the image give a feeling of depression.
The Darkness of this image gives the viewers an understanding of the harsh living conditions and harsh living these people go through.
The image is the Venetian fleet setting sail. The dark colors of the boats and background help the reader understand that the people are saddened by the leaving of the ships.
The contrasting colors from the white to the black wood make the reader depressed. The Black wood is a questionable item in this picture but it makes you feel uneasy.
This image is the Entombment of Christ which will give a feeling of sadness to those believe in him. The mood is really set with the black background and shadows.
The image is a self portrait with death. Death is a fear that people can be upset about. The Black background and shadows on deaths face instill this fear and sadness.
The extreme black shadows and overall darkness by the ruins of the Gothic Church makes one upset and understanding of the grief felt then.
The black smoke and boats looks like something that would be captured from the plague. The black buildings look like death is happening. Death is Sad.
By default a Dead Soldier is sad because its someone that has died. The black shadows and surrounding darkness captures the mood.
This image depicts the death of christ which again is a sad moment for Christians. The mood is captured because of the surrounding darkness around Jesus.
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