Shape- This pictures uses squares and rectangles a lot. These are the most common shapes in the painting. The shape of the painting is a rectangle.
Form-This object has a weird form. This object has a height, width, and depth. The height in this isn't tall.
Value- This picture has dark colors, or a dark values. The colors aren't very bright but they are more so dull.
Color- This painting has a very high intensity. This picture also has very high hues. Most of these colors have high values.
Space- In the top the negative space is the black around the circles. In the bottom part the the white around the circles is the blank space. The positive space in the whole painting are the circles.
Lines- The lines used in this painting are mostly thick. The artist has most of the lines on a curve.
Texture- The texture in this painting is rough and bumpy.
Credits: All media
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