The color of music- kenny baustert

This gallery include different types of music and what colors and visions come from them. You can see how color relates to music by the feeling that music gives.

When looking at this painting you can see all of the colors. The painting contains square color which is evenly distributed throughout the painting. Movement is also being used as you can tell that the people are playing the instruments.
Rock music has a lot of value in the painting. Black is a big color used. Not only does this painting show the element of movement but also the element of focus. This image focuses on the man playing the guitar.
Jazz music to me show a lot of triadic color and rhythm. When looking at this piece it gives the sense of feeling and inspiration.
Contrast plays a big role in this image along with variety. When looking at the painting your eyes move through the image to try and get a better sense of the actions.
This piece of art is by far my favorite! The color used in this piece draws your attention. You can see the square color used along with even the value to where the light does not reach. Emphasis and focus is used greatly in this piece.
Look at the reactions of the people. They seem to be having such a great time. You can tell all of the movement not only by the band but as well as the people dancing. Again, color is also shown with the instruments and the color of the clothing.
Darker colors were used on this painting creating the triadic color. Unity has also been used. Everything blends together creating a great and powerful image.
This image is powerful with square color being distributed evenly. The rhythm and balance bring the graffiti and image together into one.
Texture is used in this painting. The first look of it you can see the brush strokes that appear to have a texture but in all reality it is actually smooth. Proportion establishes the feel of realism in this painting.
The contrast of light and dark is distributed so well in this this painting. The background is dark but but the light of the lady brings out the image so well and shows the focus she has along with the movement.
Credits: All media
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