creepy art 

He looks like hes losing the love of his life. You can feel the pain. You can see how he clenches his heart ache.
This looks like she was stuck in a bad relationship, but now shes finally leaving and shes free
I love this picture cause of its bright colors. It really draws the eye! I really think the jelly fish girl is ADORABLE!
The woman is behind a curtain or barrier, and is crying as well. This portrays the sadness that comes with both race and gender inequality. The woman's cultural background may cause pain as well.
I picked this because I love the whole endless love idea! This is what I picture when I hear " TILL DEATH DO US PART!" I love the colors also. It's a perfect blend of beautiful/creepy.
This is soo creepy and I love it! The little girl in the background looks the scariest. I wish I could know the story and why their faces look like that.
They say this is one of the oldest mask in history. But they arent sure what it was used for. IT LOOKS CREEPY TO ME. It just makes my mind think what kind of evilness it was used for.
This picture makes me so sad! I see it as a father who is still trying to save his son no matter what! I wonder if he knows hes dead or if he does but doesn't want the birds to take him.
I dont even know how to describe this picture, BUT I LOVE IT! I learned that I love art that has SO MUCH DETAIL and so much going on! Chaos and mayhem come to mind when I look at this.
I think the eyes are the windows to the soul. So seeing this makes me think, does she have no soul? What happend to her eyes?
I learned that art can make you think of the most random things. This picture for some reason reminded me of my dog that passed away. I always felt protected by him when I slept.I miss that feeling.
This reminds me of my thoughts. I always try to think positive, but I feel like little demons in my head are the ones putting bad thoughts in my head, like "your ugly, your fat!"
I love this picture! It reminds me of the day of the dead style of art. Skeletons but so colorful! It looks like they are having a festival.
Again my favorite style of art! Creepy and cute! I love the whole sugar skull look! This has just a cute girl that you almost forget its a skeleton with a dress.
I don't really know why I love this picture so much. I think its the amount of detail. To me it looks like evil vs good. It looks like evil is winning. I love the colors and all the animals.
I love how the sheep is made up of so many animals. It also reminds me if you are follower like a sheep, you will follow and fall for anything in life. I dont think the sheep knows its a demon..
I can relate to this picture. Sometimes it feels like things are weighting me down, no matter how hard I try to succeed. It would be creepy to think of little demons trying to pull us down.
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