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The type of lines used are thick lines. They help create the bold images in the painting. The painting feels like it scare the people in the image.
This sketch also uses many types of lines but the one I want to focus on is vertical. The vertical lines make this painting feel powerful.It also makes the painting look like a real building with all details in it.
The person who created this drawingused curved lines. They used the curved lines to create the face of the wolf and the details in the whole drawing.
The type of line used in this painting is curved lines. The curved lines are creating a wave of movement. The artist also creates a illusion from the waves. And the waves confuse you because of the direction they are moving.
This painting uses all sort of lines but the type I want to focus on is texture. The lines make the painting look more detailed and not like plain looking. The lines also make the person more like erson because they just detail to his face.
The type of line that was used on this piece of art is diagonal.The line is used to show that the painting is moving sideways. And the lines also make the painting pop out and feel real that is what the vertical lines do.
The type of lines in this sketch are thin lines. They add detail to very small drawing. They also make the drawing look real.
the type of line use in this statue or sculpture is texture. The texture line make the sculpture look detailed. It also makes this look more real because they add this person's facial features and that is what makes him look more real.
The type of lines used are curved. The lines are used to create a flower pattern on the stone type rock.
The type of line used in this painting by da vinci is thin lines. The thin lines create texture that make this painting look very detailed. the thin lines also create depth in this painting.
The vertical lines are the lines I want to focus on in this painting.The vertical lines give the painting depth. It also makes you lonely if you just stare at the dark area in the painting.
The curved lines are the type of lines used in this painting. They create a illusion using the waving lines. The curved lines create a moving wave that makes the painting pop out and gets your attention.
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