50 Shades Of Red By: Ben Owens

In this collection I chose to focus on my favorite color which is the color red. I also chose to focus on images that spoke to me. Whether it be a story I could create from the image or a personal relationship I could connect with. The images I have chosen I could connect to in one way or another and I believe it has created a cool collection. Whether it be relating to a video game, created a story, reminded me of a song, or a place I have been.

This image reminded me of the game Pac-Man. In the game Pac-Man the goal is to collect the little dots while avoiding the other "colored" ghosts until you can get a power-up and then attack the ghosts.
I chose this picture because it depicts a beautiful scene. It reminds me of my summer trips to the Rocky Mountains and the fantastic sunsets.
Here you see a child doing what looks to be putting his own tag on top of another artists work. Maybe this child admires the work and wants to become an artist one day.
This image spoke to me in a way that I think the artist depicted himself painting the painting as being part of the painting.
This painting looks like a maze. Possibly it depicts the path of the artists life. Inside the path you can see other images.
Here you see a red figure surrounded by many things. The figure looks like it is trying to shield or push itself from these outside forces.
This image here for me depicts a red sky and blue waves. It has very solid lines and stands out as a soothing image for me.
This image includes a lot of red. But to me it shows a path. The edges on a lot of the lines to look to have railings like on a highway. Possibly depicting a crazy or hectic journey.
What this piece says to me is that although you may be different and everyone else is different. If you look around, you will see a lot of similarities in an open room. You just have to look for them. This image also reminded me of the song "Dark Blue" by Jack's Mannequin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQOIJDE3RhA
This image spoke to me in a way that says every person has a different fire inside of them. It doesn't matter the color of the fire but they do have a fire or a drive to do something.
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