Warm Colored paintings

Works of art that use the warm colors of the color palette.

The colors in this painting are very festive and warm. One can tell that the participants are having a good time.
This work of art is more serious in tone, but, it is still somewhat welcoming. It reminds me of a royal portrait.
This painting uses both cool and warm colors. However, the warm colors contrast much more in the painting. It draws emphasis to the points of interest, such as the people in the clouds and on the ground.
This is an epic painting. There is much going on here and you can grasp that a serious topic is being addressed.
I like the motherly presence that is conveyed through Madonna's caricature.
This is another epic painting. It uses a mix of warm and cool colors in its dialogue of the description of war and the devastation that it brings.
This painting uses bright, loud colors to communicate city life. It is somewhat overwhelming, which is what the artist was going for, I assume.
This is a surreal painting that is pretty creepy, overall. The subject is particularly haunting. But, the painting is still interesting.
The warm colors of this painting, combined with the positions of the father and son, convey an atmosphere of love.
This is a hectic painting that is depicting what appears to be a battle between rebel angels and their brethren. This style fits with the specific subject of this painting, which is conflict.
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