Lines, perspective, and color.....oh my!

A collection of art displaying ultra examples of line, perspective, and color.

The different colors in this piece exude what color principal is all about. I love it!
Another great piece that displays many colors. It reminds me of the colorful chaos in the "Where's Waldo" books for children.
The colors in this piece are true to actual flowers. It's almost like a photograph.
The lines in this piece make up the entire image and provides an illusion of high space.
The lines in this piece give a vision of many directions and a great bird's eye view of this location.
The lines in this piece give the illusion of some type of movement by a giant insect. Its almost like a flip book and actually gives a sense of motion. I really enjoy this one.
Although its a bit obscene, this piece is a perfect example of perspective in artwork.
This piece is a great example of perspective as well. I really love the "peep hole" view!
This is 1 point perspective at its finest and I really enjoy all the shades of green
The use of lines in this piece is unique and almost symbol like. The shades of blue give it a cool feeling.
The color usage in this piece puts me in thought of a beautiful sunset. A very warm and romantic feeling. I really like this one as well.
The lines in this piece are used to open up the space. The image is realistic and displays great architecture. I hope to achieve such an image of my own.
The artist used perspective to achieve a vision of far away space and land in the background.
I love the variety of color used in this piece. The congregation actually looks real and the colors polish the realism. This one is my favorite.
A perfect display of color and curved lines.
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