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Most paintings carry artistic form because they include parts like line, texture, shape, and color. These are the things that make the painting revelatory, which make it artwork. There are also many different forms of paintings such as, oil painting, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, and some others. However, if you're not an artist and a critic yourself, some of these forms can be hard to depict just by looking at them. As you scroll through the gallery take a look at the paintings closely. Each painting tells a story, whether we have the same story or not, we still can all get a story out of these paintings. The story that you see determines the subject matter within the painting. Subject matter is the meaning and value that is behind the painting that gives it its artistic form. So, enjoy each painting, but don't forget to look closely to see what you can find!

I really enjoy this painting because right away you get a sense of subject matter. Before reading the title or knowing the artist you get a sense that it is a family, or some sort of sit down meaning. By making this conclusion, the rest of the painting can come to life in our own way. This makes us look at the color and shape specifically to see whether or not it is a positive or negative gathering.
I can really relate to this painting because of where I grew up. I live in the country and down the road is a farm. So viewing this just brings back memories, and with that creates this story of my own that others probably wouldn't gather from this painting. However, if you look closely and observe the color and texture you can see that the mountain tops begin to fade up higher. By seeing that one could conclude that it could be dawn and the sun is just rising, burning off the morning fog. Just with that little description it makes the painting that much more beautiful and meaningful, because from that you can create your own story as well.
By looking at this painting and looking at the lines of the waves really exaggerates how rough the sea is. The lines of the waves are big and dramatic, which makes the sea really 'pop' even more. This seems to be the artist's motive since the skies are dark and gloomy, as if this ship is facing a storm or rough seas.
To me this is one of those paintings that looks so real. Even with the illusion of looking real, it also sends out the real message. The texture in this painting is outstanding and helps to bring out that real life feeling and meaning. If one wasn't to know what this was, and by looking at the title, I think it would make more sense. By looking at this and observing it gives you a sense of what life was really like back then.
I really enjoyed this painting because it gives a sense of real life. If you look at the date you'll notice it is from many, many years ago, but if you didn't know the date, one could think it was painted just last year. This is the beauty of this painting is that everyone of all ages and generations can relate to it. Even though it is a simple landscape with two people, who look to just be walking down the road, it has many different stories to it. By looking at this and seeing that the sky is so large and takes up half the picture, (same with the landscape) makes it seem like you're looking on for miles. This is almost as if it was painted in the viewpoint of sitting on a hilltop looking out. With the people so small, it also exaggerates the 'miles' of land in the picture.
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