David atkins b flat

B flat is a musical term and is what I have chosen as a title to represent the subject based theme inspiration of music.  Pattern is a visual element theme that will be exemplified throughout the gallery as well, inclusive of colors, shapes, and sizes.

I chose this piece because it represents a dancer. Dancing is an art form that visually expresses music through body movement. I am amazed with sculpted pieces that have a contrapposto style.
The style appears to a renaissance period of artwork. I chose this piece because the emphasis is focused on the instrument and fits my theme as well as the pattern of cylinder shapes.
I chose this piece due to the title that fits my theme. I love the cylinder pattern of the legs and the hinges and well as the backing of the chair. I also have another choice of an earth tone color.
Continuing patterns of earth tone colors, this piece focuses on a guitar musician. Negative space is mainly on the musician, and the person on the right faces you. This is also a renaissance piece.
This piece represents surrealism. It is also reminiscent of prehistoric art. I believe it is the the combination of musician and the instrument in one. It is welded with wood and metal.
I see a style of impressionism because I see few details in spaces such as the animals and the background. I also see sfumato style painting. I also see a one point perspective towards the shepherd.
Here I see what is typical of the renaissance period regarding position. The position of the child is similar to other art work where children are in the room during the painting but not to pose.
The colors for this piece are bright and the perspective is slightly aerial. Those with instruments are in sync with concentrating on sheet music, others look off, and one who faces forward.
This painting give me a chiaroscuro feel because of the contrast between light and dark areas. There is great detail throughout the entire painting. The pattern around the person is proportioned.
Here we have another self portrait that is more sfumato. His face looks away as opposed to the previous painting. The figure is proportioned all around. The position of the painting seems real.
Credits: All media
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