Textures of the Soul

These artworks were carefully selected to relate to one of the Universal Design Principles or Elements of Art: Texture

I chose this artwork because Van Gogh used a lot of texture in his artwork. The Flowers are full of texture, especially the ones in the front. Also, the people in the back are texturized using a set color.
I chose this work because this blossom painting was inspired by a Japanese painter. However, Van Gogh focuses on his own style and incorporates his texturing style to the painting.
I chose this painting because the artist used vibrant colors to bring out the texture of the painting.
I chose this painting because it's quite intricate with the design. If you look closely you would see that the artist used sort of squiggly lines to texturize the paiting making it have a much more deeper curve.
I chose this painting because I enjoyed how the artist made the two dancers in the middle stand out. He did that by giving more texture to the dancers, slowly focusing on them. While, the people in the background are less texturized and some without facial features.
I chose this painting because it is such a detailed painting. Especially with the texture of the Venus' skin. It looks so real and the shadow helps with the texture. Also, you can tell the difference between her skin and the vase.
I chose this sculpture because I thought it was very unique. The texture of this sculpture is close to that of an elephant on some levels but also has a different texture in some other parts, like the back.
This painting was chosen because the simple, flattening design. With its simplicity, the artist still made an intricate, texturized still-life objects.
This painting belongs to this gallery because I feel like it's such a simple painting yet very deep. you could clearly see how the girl in the front is sharpened. The texture of her clothes seem almost real.
My favorite of all, the starry night. This painting is the most famous painting of Van Gogh. I chose this painting because it also symbolizes texture. Vincent used a lot of paint giving it texture to his paintings.
Just like the other painting similar to this, the artist used a unique style to texturize this painting. The painting can be seen as undulating buildings. What gave it a more texturized look were the small lines of color.
Very simple, yet surreal. This painting was chosen because the artist used the polar bear to give texture to the artwork. He gave the appearance of wet fur.
This painting is similar to those of Van Gogh's paintings. I chose this in my gallery because the artist used very strong but small brush strokes. This gave the painting gave an effect similar to that of Van Gogh's paintings.
This painting was beautifully made. The Artist used a lot of detail in nature to texturize the painting. I believe he also used the young woman to show that.
This still life was chosen because of how the textures were incorporated. It was carefully balanced with all of the objects.
Credits: All media
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