Into The Mouth of Hell

A journey the histories view of the fiery land down under. I present 10 images that depict life in and around Hell.

A literal depiction of the entrance to Hell being an actual mouth.There is an emphasis of foreboding lurks in that passage. You must endure pain by being swallowed before you are damned forever.
Unity in torment. Rodin uses a variety of tortured souls to capture the severity of the world beyond the gate. The juxtaposition of the Angelic white to the Demonic nature of the content is striking.
The proportion of the devil's indicates his power over the tormented. The space behind those in the foreground and the person in the distance creates a feeling how vast this world is to the travelers.
The color of Dante's garmets are complementary and bold to make their movement around the canto distinct. While the color of the lost souls are dull to help show pain.
The color sets the tone for brooding and evil within the decent. The complementary reds and blacks help emphasize the conflict Jesus is about to embark.
The perspective of the the tower to the boats give the point across about how massive the structure was to build. The movement of color up the tower symbolizes how evil it was to try to reach Heaven.
Contrast in color provides the war between good and evil. Vivid colors are used to distinguish the good Angel. Muted and dull colors are used for the fallen giving them a defeated sensibility.
This pencil work has movement of figures being tormented. The shadows give the image depth. It makes you wonder what else is going on in Hell to the damned souls.
Satan's win over man with the ultimate sin. The Satan character is in a position to show power over the now powerless Eve. The color is used to show the victory with a pallet the represents Hell.
Texture is used to give a sense mystery and an etherial perspective. The white color is a contrast to the black making it all seem like a nightmare. Jack the Ripper wants his look back.
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