corrupted vs innocent

All of these pictures display either corruption, innocence, or a combination of the both put into one picture. These well destructed pieces symbolize innocence whether iit be the loss or the gain of it. 

In this piece, the mother is caring for her children. While the mother may be corrupted, she still cars for her innocent children. The mother was most likely exposed to the harsh realities of the real world, but nother children, yet.
The children in this piece are not yet corrupted by the outside world. They are being cared for.
Happy times between the child and mother are exchanged. The mother is generously transporting her child. Also showing a loving manner.
There are no man made structures and here. There is no pollution, corruption, or sadness. This is a simple sunset with a deep meaning.
The animals seem perfectly content. They are undisturbed and they look like they belong there. Although some of the animals may have been exposed to the harsh survival strategies, they all appear well.
This child is mindlessly playing. She sits peacefully in the rain. She has not yet been exposed to many harsh realities.
Credits: All media
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