Advanced Computers Art Project

I like the color scheme of this picture, the colors you see most predominantly are painted well, the details of the flowers that hold the hanging chandeliers, and the details in the people. I dislike
I like the green and black in this picture, the blank and dark eyes that each person has, and the way the painter painted the faces. I dislike the creepiness in their facial expressions, and the the guy's funky hat.
I like how much space the painting covers, the redness in the canyon, and the detail in the trees. I dislike the few colors in the sky, and the lack of trees.
I like the reflections in the water, the buildings in the distance, and the boats in the canal. I dislike the way he made the people, and sky that looks like it has some smog in it.
I like that it looks like a huge chia pet, the different plants and flowers on it, and that it gives more of a green look to the buildings surrounding it. I dislike the fact that its in a city, and to much blue.
I like the different colors of all the animals, the way the peacock is painted, and the empty wine glasses. I dislike the random person in the background, and that I don't understand what's happening in this painting.
Things I Like: -The colors of green and the dark dresses bring out the red. -The details on the women's hats. -The brushstrokes of the paint. Things I Dislike: -Limited usage of colors. -The people could be centered a bit more.
Things I like: -Details in the picture although it is still a bit undefined. -The movement of the woman's dress. -The shimmery reflections in the water. Things I Dislike: -The woman's dress nearly blends in with the pavement. -Everything is placed so far back.
I like the redwoods, the waterfall in the background, and the color he used on the trees. I dislike the too dark of scenery, and that there's people in the painting.
I like the flowers, I like the way that Van Gogh painted them, and the variety of different flowers. I dislike that there is too much of the color yellow, and the fact that there's nothing behind it.
I like the sunset, the sun rays hitting it water ripples, and the trees. I dislike that the painting is only really one color, and the fact that it's so desolate.
I like how "trippy" it looks, the brushstrokes of the paint, and the colors. I dislike how blurry it is, and that I don't know what is happening.
I like the shape of the building, the reflection, and how the reflection in the water is symmetrical with the building. I dislike the colors, and the burn marks in the photograph.
I like the people, the colors in the clouds, and the shading. I dislike that there aren't enough chariots, and the fact that I, yet again, don't know whats happening.
I like the darkness of the clouds, the boats in the canal, and the building surrounding it. I diskline the limited picture and that there is hardly any people.
I like the colors in front of the cross, the people below it, and the wings that the children have. I dislike how many winged children there are and the men's faces.
I like the building, the design on the ground in front of the building, and the sky. I dislike the figures that make it all blurry and that the building looks roughly sketched.
I like the circular road, the green and statue in the middle, and the colors. I dislike that there isn't much detail and that you can't even make out a car.
I like the deatils on the clothes, the people, and the way the have the fire on the candles. I dislike how they have so much of the same design and the darkness.
I like the cold frame, the ruffles in her dress, and the background of the picture. I dislike that there isn't much else and the back of her dress.
I like the station, the person, and the train. I dislike that it loks like it was colored with crayons and doesn't have much detail.
I like the bank, the details of trees, and the water. I dislike the random animal and the drastic change of scenery in the background.
I like the mountains, the city, and the sky. I dislike the single color and that it is mostly showing the city.
I like the building foundations, the squares from a nearby one, and the fog in the bakground. I dislike that it is all black and white and nothing more to it.
I love the mountain, the snow, and the clear water. I dislike that it's not completely clear or as vivid as Tahoe really is.
I like the snow, the snug homes, and the snow. I dislike the differences in the sky and the emptiness of the town.
I love the look of the bridge, the skies, and the light. I dislike that it looks like a stained glass window and the emptiness.
I like the city lights, the bridge, and the colors. I dislike the color of the water and the smoggy look the air has.
I like the details, the boats, and the animals. I dislike the gray sky, and the tree roots.
I like the colors, the water, and the way the water comes down to form into a person. I dislike some of the colors together, and the ending of the water.
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