Is this a Dream?  By: Alora Pope

This gallery includes Lucid dream, dream collages and other like aspects. The pictures I have chosen are not realistic and have a very Psychedelic scheme pattern to them. They are majority very busy pieces of art, which showcase many stories in one big picture to create an aspect of a fantasy or hallucination. 

For my first piece I decided to choose "The Temptation of Saint Anthony". This piece describes the issues that Saint Anthony had to endure. The clutter coming from his mind are his thoughts piling high. From his mouth comes much clutter as well, reminded to be mindful of what you speak. This is a very dream like describing the crazy mind set of Saint Anthony.
Witches Sabbath is my second piece. I showcases a Ram appearing to tell a story to a crowd of older women. The ram seems to be very wise and may be a representation of something more dream like. The women seem to very intrigued with what the story teller is speaking.
The Dream by Henri Rousseau is a gorgeous painting of a woman in the jungle. The woman seems to be in tune with what is going on and comfortable with the life she is in, as she is lounging on her couch. In the same picture there is a Jungle Cat in the woods. possibly symbolizing a sneaking type of emotions to the picture. Besides the name of the art I feel this could fit into my dream theme because of the beautiful woman naked in the woods. It’s a very dream like jungle portrait.
Scarecrow’s Dream by Somphong Adulyasarapan has such a creative hallucinogen look about the art. The scarecrow looks out from where he is listed at the very creative edgy world. It appears to be more than just one world in this painting as well. The egg shape is very dream like and could signify new life.
Butterfly’s Dream by Yi Hee Choung is a less Lucid dream type art piece. The butterflies, instead give the illusion to audience members that you are dreaming. Have the time of day shown as a later time in the day to signify dreams. Sweet dreams seem to be what this picture is all about.
Dream Land II By Prateep Kochabua is a fantasy like no other. The piece consists of multiple different naked women in a collage. The heaven like type really shows a hallucinogenic style of art. The concept is so raw but still seem to be smooth and artistic. I really enjoyed it.
The Dream by Olga Grasik has one of the prettiest dream affects. The picture is of a blue woman head which seems to be inhabited but a group of gymnasts and they practice their routines in her head. As they are performing another group of people sit to observe the huge head and gymnasts. I feel this is a very dream like portrait due to the fantasy like aspects of the picture.
Dream next to the Sea is probably a favorite of mine. The island is a mermaid full of green. There is so much personification in this painting. The portrait is very fairy tale like because of the personification. The island seems to be the keeper of the sea.
In a House of Dreams by Somphong Adulyasarapan has a contemporary dream feel. The tree is a collage type style, which show the parts of the dream that make up the art. The tree seems to be floating in the air with the sky. The colors are ver fantasy like and the pink give it the dream like quality. Very pretty piece.
“The Land of Dreams” by Somphong Adulyasarapan is similar to “In a House of Dreams” and “Scarecrow’s Dream”. By the same artist it too is a floating world or place that someone would dream up. I love the color and the texture of of all three paintings. This skull is truly dream like.
Credits: All media
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