Clare 209 JD Paintings

This gallery depicts multiply different paintings. Mostly the theme is centralized on the beauty of nature on earth. One of the pictures in here that I like is the picture of the Church on the coast that was painted in a perspective most likely from someone that sailed out into the sea from a distance. This has a water-color type texture to it which gives it such a bright contrast. I am a very nature loving person so that is why most of the paintings resemble that.

This picture is probably my favorite in the gallery because there is a lot going on. Not only that there is this sense of light meets dark/ good vs. evil feeling to it. You can see where the light clashes into the darkness and creates a rift or violent thrashing. It seems to be like an underworld of some sort. It isn't the angels fighting the devil but something very similar when put into perspective.
Credits: All media
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