Ken perspective

I chose to put this artwork in with perspective because of the angle we view this artwork from. And this caught my eye because of the attention to detail and the focus is drawn to the dish in the center.
This artwork caught my eye because of its almost fantasy like castle as the main subject of this painting. The attention to detail is primary what draws me to artwork and this one may not look all that real but I still like.
This is a pretty cryptic artwork but it is still art. I suppose the artist used this painting as a protest to war as we bare witness to these hundreds of skulls as a clear result of war.
I'm not sure if this is perspective or not but i think it is. Anyway this artwork is good but I think its kind of plain. Theres just a few guys sitting around talking or brainstorming.
I chose to add this artwork because the perspective shows you a horse drawn carriage going by with a town in the distance. and theres snow every where which is nice because i havent seen many artworks with snow in them.
I chose this artwork because of the perspective but besides that i like the simplicity in which the subjects are just sitting there, which is the subject of many artworks but I just happened to see this one.
This artwork in particular is different than the others when i viewed them all because of the perspective which is quite different in my opinion in which the subject seems to be oblivious to the artist or viewer.
This artwork may be my favorite in the gallery i created mostly because of how much this painting looks like a photograph and that is very alluring to me whenever i view paintings.
This painting is very calming to me in which the sea or lake is quite and slightly still. Also this artwork looks like a photograph much like the previous painting.
In this painting a lot seems to be going on and so it pulled my attention. Also I have always been a fan of this style of art but when i first saw the painting i was surprised to see it was french or at least the scene is.
This painting depicts the moment in which icarus fell from the sky after flying too close to the sun. I have always been a fan of this story and stories like it beside that the wings really drew my attention.
The title of this painting "Officer and Laughing Girl" makes me curious in which is he a police officer that arrested her or maybe someone she knows but is still laughing at him.
This artwork is interesting to me because of how the detail is primarily on the man in front and less on the scene in the background. But the date is interesting as well I didn't notice the artwork as so recent.
I have always been a fan or this artwork and the technique used to create this artwork is pretty impressive. The perspective is interesting too because a lot of the people in the artwork are looking to the left while we don't see what they see and are instead looking in there direction.
This artwork is one of my favorites of this gallery. This artwork's perspective displays the size of this meadow and I think its very calming and relaxing. Also i really like the clouds i love seeing storms off in the distance.
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