Texture as an Art Element

The following pieces are all 3 dimensional pieces that I found particularly interesting.

This mask has texture art element as it is 3D and as our past experience tells us this mask's gold appearance would have a smooth feeling.
This sculpture's texture would be cold as stone but smooth like parts of the mummy mask.
This oil lamp is an example of functional art whose texture would be described as bumpy as the engravings are also in 3D.
This cup has various texture elements. It's cup would be smooth as it is used to drink from but the horse and the base have an intricate design whose textures would be rough to the touch.
These praying hands would remind us of our past experience touch sculptures in a church setting. Soft like most sculptures with definition to show the hands.
This art form is not one to touch as we all know knives to be sharp and harmful, this is one piece of art that I would not want to feel.
This bottle would be easy to hold but shows definite signs of aging that may feel like it has scratches.
What's better that art you can wear? This jewelry set would feel glossy and make a huge fashion statement at any gathering. Careful with hugging though because the gold pieces may scratch your friend!
This bowl would appear different in person versus a picture of it. In the picture it appears glossy with minor chips and the camels that are painted on would seem to be one with the bowl.
This locket shows different kinds of texture we are familiar with in every day life. The real lock of hair would feel soft if we open the locket but the locket itself would be soft to wear.
Credits: All media
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