Global Medium

In this gallery I have collected 5 pieces of art each from a different country with a different medium/texture to show only some of the many types of art that is out there in the world. 

This picture caught my attention almost immediately. Not only is this monument representing a very well known icon in American Culture, but the way it was structured is what was fascinating to me.
I chose this picture because of the three-dimensional effect it has. I personally love street art because it changes the atmosphere making me feel as if I'm inside the art work or in another world.
This was captivating mostly because of the amount of depth that was portrayed in this art piece.
The design of this architecture is so detailed and symmetrical, as a museum this is "a work of art" in itself.
The fact that something you simply eat off of is a piece of art is amazing to me. I like this piece for the color used and the design which is very detailed and mesmerizing.
Credits: All media
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