The Mind's Method of expression-Jonathan Brimmer

With this gallery I hope to show diverse, complex and astounding creative displays of Surrealist art. Paintings and sculptures that push the boundaries of contemporary art and allow a brief glimpse into the imagination of the artist. I hope you enjoy these works as much as I do. Have fun!

Water and Fire By Lee, II Ho is a sculpture showing the head of woman and a man kissing each other. The blue, rolling, curly lines of the woman's hair help to show her femininity. While, the red inferno-like tail at the heels of the man's head give it a more masculine feel.
The Trial by Wolfgang Lettl is a painting of weird angled blocks placed on top of each other, with stairs logged in between them. To make it even more complex you can see the lower half of bodies progressing the stairs. Set on a barren land reminiscent of Arizona's dry lake bed. With dark clouds in the background.
In Robert Aizenberg's "Pintura" there are simple lines formed together to give the appearance of sky scrapper buildings with no floors or windows to shape them. The low and high rectangular lines remind me of rhythm and the placement of midi notes in a DAW. I bet they would make a nice melody.
In "Construct and Destroy" by Yves Tanguy, one of my favorite artist. Shows again the barren dry lake bed with obscure images placed throughout. Instead of stairs the artist painted images will leave you wondering what they are. Besides the land and the clouds, the only image that seems logical to me are the brown and gray images to the left dancing or kissing. Being the focal point of the painting.
"Gomorrhe" by Savinio Alberto" shows a 1st person's point of view of an ominous site. The clouds are extremely dark with rain erupting from them, down toward the city below. But in the middle there is a confused cloud throwing down lighting, Twizzlers, Christmas trees and other things I can't even imagine. The colors are severely bright compared to the rest of the painting making that image, its center.
"From the Night" by Choi, Hyo Soon is a painting centered around a chair with a cloud or skyline siting in it. With what looks to be a cabbage or flower that seems to move like a jellyfish. The land in the background is very dark and atmospheric, leaving many interpretations about it.
"The Commuters" by Wolfgang Lettl has lines of perspective that draw your attention to the cannon aimed at a helpless girl. Floating above, are men in exaggerated top hats and suits riding a rectangular block with 9 grandfather clock pendulums attached to it. The cryptic letters "RMLCQX" leave a great deal to ponder about this painting.
"Mr. Magritte's Hat" By Wolfgang Lettl has an innocent backdrop but as your eye centers in on the painting you're immediately drawn to the gigantic fish head which is almost the same height as the house it's next to. Imagine living in that house, waking up every morning and seeing that when you pull back the curtains. In the foreground is a enormous statue of a hand pointing up in the sky toward a floating round top hat.
In "Margin of Silence by Kay Sage there are four long angled spikes that seem to be a roof of a building. Where the one on the far right is draped by an amoeba like substance filtering down and around a window and the entrance of this structure, on the lower left.
"The Man Who puts Girls on Fire" by Wolfgang Lettl is a very dark painting. Don't let the beautiful flowers below fool you. If you even notice them, for as soon as you see this painting the luminous blaze set upon the woman on the floating couch should instantly grab your attention. Beneath the woman in the field of flowers are two weird green men with top hats. leaves me to wonder if Wolfgang has a devotion to top hats?
Credits: All media
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