calming ocean

a fish can show how calming the ocean can be by its free floating body.
the ocean sky in the morning looks amazing and gives a sense of being safe.
even when the picture issent the prettiest, it still shows calm through the colors
the ocean is admired all over the world for its natural movement
the ocean will always be there when no one else is there to just listen,the ocean has nothing negative to say ever.
the ocean keeps its true colors through the roughest of times no matter what.
I would sit there too if I could. the ocean dosent mind staring one bit
raging on in a calm manor
from ocean to land it just gets more silent and peaceful as the land touches the waters edge.
the oceans beauty is recreated all over the world to show how others see the ocean
the rocky hills pressed up against the sea provides a beautiful picture.
You can see the different colors the ocean is reflecting from the sun
For many people the sea calm or not is home for a very long time.
a elephant seal is a good example to show how tough you are under the waves
in this picture it shows how the oceans blue color starts to fade to a beautiful purple ivory color.
the oceans calm looks can trick sailors resulting in sunken ships
the ocean exerts all its energy against the shore and reamins quiet on the inside
the living creatures learned how rough their ocean friends can be by living in a shell for protection.
the sea shells have been polished away from the waves smoothing them down.
the ocean provides homes for shellfish and seabirds, this is just the ocean sharing what it has.
these three fish show how the ocean accepts all shape and sizes, the water will never create a name or sterotype for the creature that live in it.
this simple piece of metal can show a humans first thoughts when they hear ocean, the peaceful blue color that shines off the calm fish.
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