Machines of the Ages

This gallery includes some handpicked artworks involving machines by our group. Everything was compiled by one person to avoid conflicts with the group members who contributed...

The painting shows the difficulty in bringing a baggage wagon through such weather. The painting was made to look like the captured essence of a real image.
An oil painting of a typical train station scenery. The colors all seem to lie within the same shade/area.
A painting of a locomotive, a machine that had gained success when it was built in the 1800s with a sole purpose of transportation. This painting is structured as a design blueprint.
Oil painting of a common scenery we can see in modern day. This scenery is commonly associated with water pollution.
A painting showing one of the world's oldest machines, a steam engine driven passenger vehicle. The main influence of any modern vehicle.
a piece from the Museum of the Moving Image. This piece of equipment is used for film. Medium: Photography
The medium used is rock art. The medium by itself is unique along with the simple style of the two machines.
A painting showing one of the most recognizable machines in carnivals. There are few colors in the piece but the details overpower them.
A painting showing the biplane, another piece of machinery that was used in war. Notably, the first World War.
Oil painting of an old telephone and a clock. The style here is a mix of realism and a very slight warped effect to the items.
One of the works of Karlis Padegs. The artist's trademark is to paint something beautiful and add elements that make it ugly.
From the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum. The piece depicts a moving car with the eagle sculpt serving as the moving effect. Medium: Sculpture
Another painting of a biplane. The focus here is on how the ice affects this machine.
A painting depicting the Bofors gun, an anti-aircraft gun that was designed during the 1930s.
The title of this oil painting is self explanatory. This piece is another type of realistic painting.
This piece simply depicts a range of surgical equipment. Medium: Inks
An oil painting capturing a real image of a modern car.
From Yongsun Suh of the Korean Art Museum Association. The painting depicts a normal city in the modern world as we see it. Cars, roads and lights. The coloring here is what defines each element.
From Seok Cheol Ji of the Korean Art Museum Association. According to the artist, this car is pouring chairs and the chairs symbolize stories of individuals. Medium: painting
A sculptural machine made by Swiss sculptor/painter Jean Tinguely. This piece was shown in an exhibit in Paris at around 1959. The piece was featured in LIFE magazine.
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