Principle of Balance

Although at first glance this could look symmetrical, when you look closer you are able to see there there is a slight difference but a good balance and visually appealing and asymmetrical.
This is symmetrical and balanced well with the walkway and buildings looking like you could split it in half and they would be identical. I like how the landscape though is similar but not identical.
This looks to me like redial because all of the pieces are equidistant from the center not all identical but similar patterns.
The pattern looks very similar, at parts they are opposite and other parts the are identical. The balance of both sides however work really well with each other.
I thought this was interesting because the reflection in the lake is pleasing, the actual fireworks are very similar, shot off in the same direction but you will never fully know how they will look.
In this painting you can see the common balance of the sides vertically with the colors lining up being asymmetrical and even at the top with the three heads being equal in half.
I think that this looks radial where from the center circle they all have the same shape, size, number or color although they may not not be identical the pattern repeats.
This mask is symmetrical with both sides being close to perfectly identical. It is worn so the wear and tear in the mask shows but you can tell the patterns are symmetrical.
This is balanced very uniquely. Since this is in a different language you can see how they write there words in columns however they are different symbols.
This pagoda is symmetrical in every way down to the tower in the center and the hanging items in every corner of the roof.
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