Lines Showing Texture

i chose this picture because you can see some much detail. Also the line work gives texture, which for me makes the painting more interesting.
i chose this picture because i thought it was pretty amazing on how much line work there was and how cohesive it looked since it is pixelated. i can't begin to imagine how long this must have taken.
This painting really popped out for me. this piece is very interesting and the way all the lines are shows that you can give the same effect without using too much black.
I really like how in this painting the artist used nice brush strokes to show texture and even with using the dark colors you can still see the line work.
This painting is one of my favorites. i love how the line work gets thick in certain places and makes it look 3D
In this painting i liked that the artist didn't really have to put every detail in there to be able to recognize what the picture actually is. With that he really showed nice line work.
i chose this painting because i really liked how with the line work he could make the rocks look texturized and not just flat.
in this painting it really looked like more of a sketch than a normal painting and i liked how that stood out and there is so much line work and detail in the painting
this painting is very unique because its abstract and takes a while to know what it is. the way the lines have movement is amazing.
what caught my eyes was the amount of texture there is throughout the whole painting.
in this painting it shows a lot of movement wight the waves and gives nice texture as the wave is crashing down.
like a couple of the other painting this lone shows texture throughout the whole painting. the detailing must have taken quite some time.
in this painting it shows nice line work but not like the others. they are more soft but still gives nice texture.
i like this painting due to the fact of how much texture there is on the mountains and looks like it was done my small strokes which could have taken some time to do.
the line work in this painting is rough in some areas but overall give nice texture even throughout the hair making it look nice and detailed.
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