Malik lang

my slide show is about everyday graffiti. Graffiti can be showed in parks, on wall, on trains, or even big dumpsters. This type of art can be done by anyone at any age. Some people believe that you have to be an artist to be good at graffiti, however you do not have to be. It is really what you can imagine and create.

i chose this picture because graffiti can be displayed as a coumminty art work
i chose this pic because graffiti can be done by anyone at any age because imagination can be in anyone.
In this picture you see a women adding to the mural. Graffiti is really to show what you imagin.
Graffiti can be anything you want it to be because its one of a kind.
I chose this one picture because graffiti is done in everyday life.
People will see graffiti everywhere they go because it can be done on anything if it is allowed.
i chose this picture because this a mural on what graffiti can be showed. This mural can inspire anyone because of its lines and texture of color used in it.
This is a nice mural to say graffiti it was what you want it to be and show.
Credits: All media
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