Renaissance Perspective

Architectural Design:design of buildings/landscapes Ink Wash:East Asian type of paint that uses black ink Spanish Renaissance:later renaissance, taking place in Spain during the 15-16th centuries
Urban Planning:A process for ensuring the development of buildings Greco-Roman:relating to the ancient Greeks and Romans antiquity: the ancient past central perspective: one point perspective
Humanism:a renaissance movement turning away from medieval style provenance:an artwork's place of origin credit line:a list of facts about an artwork versatility: diversity
pulpit:raised platform in a church tempera: a type of paint usually made with egg yolk style:an artist's typical approach to art crucifix:a cross with the figure of Jesus upon it
critical hypothesis-educated guess made by an art critic exhibition-public display of art monograph-a detailed written study facade-exterior side of a building
sombre symbolism-a dark/serious form of symbolism oblique-neither parallel or at a right angle to a line innovative-new; novel interior-inside
nuance-subtle difference in expression, shade, etc. blueback-extremely dark, especially black with a small amout of blue oeuvre-works of a non-painter transience-lasting only for a short time
watercolor-paint made w/a binder that's water soluble perspective-way of showing 3 dimensions on a flat surface meaningful-having meaning comrade-friend
subject-a thing/person being discussed sculptor-an artist who makes sculptures milieu-someone's social environment enthrall- capture the admiration of
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