Elements of Art

Colors that calm

The beautiful light escaping makes you focus on the natural beauty. The way the blues and pinks mix together brightly makes you feel comfortable and warm like you can feel the sun hitting your face.
Once again the artist lets the light escape and creates a very bright section that you feel like you are almost there and have no worries.
In this painting you can feel the way the sun is pushing out the storm and calming everything down. The use of bright yellow and whites he creates a calming effect, like things will be fine.
The vibrant colors used in the trees show the sun hitting them bringing them life. The beautiful yellows and whites show a family having a picnic in the park calm and happy.
When I look at this photo I see calm water and the warm sun hitting it showing the sun setting.
A painter shows the sun lighting a town and field where people are working.Everything in this painting you can imagine the warm sun and smells of fresh grass. The vibrant colors are the reason for it.
In this painting you can see people enjoying the beautiful view of a valley. The blue sky and green grass creates a calm breathtaking view.
The bright blues and greens show a vibrant color and the calm seas with gentle waves creates a calm effect. The light blue sky shows that there is no storm on the horizon and all is calm.
The bright colors allow this painting to pop. It gives a pure untouched feeling that allows you to see how calm the scene is.
The bright, lite colors show a peacefulness and calm feeling by being warm and vibrant.
Even though there is rain in the painting you can see it is coming to an end and the rainbow being bright and the blue coming through in the sky tells you things are calming down.
You can see in this photo the bright yellow sun lights the blue sky as it is setting the whole valley is still well lit and a very calming effect.
The lite, but very vibrant and bright blue gives us a safe feeling. The sun also showing a clear day and not hiding anything from us lets us stay calm. It brings calm to crazy aspects of rough water.
As the sun sets the bright yellow shining over the valley shows us far distances with no worries in sight. I see the rancher with cattle that he is calm even though the sun is setting.
The sun is setting and dark is falling onto the valley but yet the colors work so beautifully together its is relaxing. Somewhere quiet and peaceful.
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