Line examples in artwork

The lines in this picture are mostly vertical to show the direction of the buildings. They are thin and sort of jagged.
The lines in this artwork are all curved. They are thin and close together in the darker parts of the circles.
The lines are curved showing the tops of the mountains, on the inside they are straight, vertical lines. All of the lines in this artwork are thick.
The lines are in straight diagonals. The ones on the mountains are longer than the ones in the fire. The lines cross over each other to show foreground and middleground
The lines are thin and thick in different spots. The darker green line is overlapping the light green line. The lines create visual movement from one side of the paper to the other by making waves.
The lines in the tree leaves are short and close together, while the lines on the house in the bottom left corner are short and spread out. In the trees the lines are long.
The lines in this image create shapes, so they are in various directions. A lot of the lines are curved around themselves.
In this picture, most of the lines are curved. They go in different directions and some are thicker than others.
The lines in this picture are covered by dots in a different color. The only lines that are visible from farther away are the wavy lines going across the work horizontally.
The lines in this picture are mostly diagonal. They are spread out and thick on the outside and on the inside, they are thin and close together
The lines in this picture are mostly diagonl and create an ilusion of space inside the boxes. The lines in some of the boxes are implied and continue in a different direction.
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