Textures of life

Textures that look good

The flower petals look beautiful and very realistic in this painting.
The cloth on the table look like you could reach out and take from the painting.
The detail on the horse hair and wood of the cart look amazing.
I want to be an environmentalist artist and the trees look amazing in this piece.
The rocks and water in this look very real.
The mountains in the background complete this picture and the train in the front looks like alive with the steam shooting out.
The fish scales and cat fur look very real in this painting.
The woman's dress seems like a picture more than a painting.
The water looks real and the dark clouds look like they truly exist in this painting.
I love how flat yet alive the water looks in this image because too often water is painted as always moving.
The bread looks as if I could eat it.
The detail on her dress is amazingly real looking.
This bird seems like it could fly right off the page.
The monkey's fur looks very real in this picture.
This detail on this horse is stunning.
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