ARtwork and architecture I would like to see.

This artwork is called The Starry Night. The artist who created this art used oil paints. I learned about this artwork in high school and what the story behind it was so i would like to see it in person. I think that in person I could see a lot more details.
This artwork is called The Scream. This picture really interested me when I first saw it. I learned about this picture in school and I would like to experience it in person. This picture is made up of pastel, oil paint, and tempera.
This sculpture is made from basalt stone picks and pukau red stone. There are many like it and they were made in the 11th-15th centuries. They were made to symbolize power.
This statue us called the Statue of Liberty. This is a very symbolic statue. This statue is made of copper, wrought iron, and steel.
This architect is called the Eiffel Tower. This was created by two architects, Gustave Eiffel and Stephen Suavestre. This architect is made from wrought iron.
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