Art History

The topic that I selected is Color. I am going to focus in the red color. What is its importance in the paintings and how it stands.

In this painting the red color doesn't make such a contrast because it's not as bright as the red color normally is, but still the red here makes a difference on the characters. The ones that have red clothes are more important in the paining than the others.
From the ancient Greece Mythology it's been said that Adonis is the God of beauty and desire and his religion belonged to women. So the red color in here represents passion, desire and strength.  
The character in Munch's "The Scream" is painted in cold colors while the background is a mixture of cold (blue) and warm(red). The red usually represents also tension and also when the sky is red it means the night is close.
Marie-Antoinette is a really important character in world history(French Revolution) and besides her doings she is known for her beauty.Red is a royal color and makes a great first impression in the canvas. Marie-Antoinette's red dress makes a strong contrast with the background and the kids. The older kid's dress is dark red so it is also someone important who is growing up. 
The whole background has dark colors and not lively compared to the red apples. The whole attention in the painting goes to the fruits.
The woman in red captures the whole focus of the painting. The red in here represents passion and woman desire.
The blanket in this painting is red and in here is the strongest color among the others. So when I first saw the painting I focused in the man sitting on the red blanket.
The curtains and the chairs are red in this paintings. Every character is dresses formally and it look like an important meeting and like a royal one because of the red curtains 
In this painting the red color makes the difference between prudence, justice and peace. The prudence is in cold colors and dark ones (blue), peace is in white and justice stands with warm colors and also the background behind justice is red too.
The red in the walls represents once again royalty in this painting too and people dressed in red the high society.
In this Medieval painting Christ stands in red in order to be the center of the painting.
In this painting the red color represents Japanese flag but also soldiers outfits, it anger and tension.
The red color in here gives the impression of fall so by the tones of reds we can make sure what time of year the painting presents.
Red color is pretty warm and besides fall it can also represent winter like it is in here.
The temple in here is in red color which shows power, strength and that is the highest place and the most powerful one.
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