gods and kings alike

This gallery is to show all of the arts in recognition to Greek Mythology, god's and goddesses and kings! Kings were considered "Gods" in the monarchies, or sons of Gods and that is why they were given their positions as Kings. This gallery is to show the art referencing Gods and Kings as alike.

This painting demonstrates a God of War, kings were always in charge of the armies and some lead their lands to victory, just as Gods had wars with each other, so did kings.
This painting shows the King's daughters, usually clothed in riches just as Goddesses were by their kings or Gods.
Many kings entrusted the raising of their children to the queen's helpers, just as God's entrusted the upbringing of their children to nymphs.
Gods were so popular that sculptures were made to praise many different Gods and Goddesses.
The kings ruled all of the land and nobody governed him, just as God's are not governed by other's.
Kings and Gods were waited on and pampered constantly, oh what someone would give to be one of them!
Many people referenced kings as Gods saying there was no difference in them. This painting, in my opinion, depicts that.
This picture demonstrates that King's would see themselves as God's and thought they were worthy of having statues of themselves to be shown off to the public.
Credits: All media
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