Reflections of women - (christian foster)

The gallery is an example of how painters used a woman’s accessories and clothing to represent their status. I plan to illustrate this with the paintings I have chosen. This gallery focuses mainly on the art from the renaissance time period, between the 1400’s and 1600’s. I have not focused on any specific artists, more an overall observation.

This portrait is of a young Venetian woman from the early 16th century. The actual identity of the woman is unknown. The necklace of simple design is the only visible jewelry this woman possesses. This combined with the clothing the woman is wearing places her most likely in the middle class of the time. She cannot afford extravagant accessories. The color of the woman’s dress compliments her hair and complexion well.
This portrait is of a young girl from a noble house. Her necklace is an intricate design of multiple layers. The hat she is wearing is a very specific style popular in the Burgundian court at the time though the tail that is used as a chinstrap is an artistic impression. This was perhaps used to accentuate the curves of the head and neck.
This is a profile portrait of a woman most likely from Italy. This artist likes to portray the female form from the profile. A number of similar paintings show a common use of style favoring the strong curves as viewed from the side. The sharp likes along the neck and face create a sharp contrast to the background. In this portrait the lady is dressed with a simple necklace that helps to accentuate the curves of the neck and chest.
This is a picture of a noble woman with her son. You can tell by the dress and jewelry the woman wears she is of high birth. The use of many layers of jewelry and the nice dress with patterned fabric show her wealth and status. The bright red color of the fabric is a compliment to the woman’s complexion and a sharp contrast to the green in the background.
This painting is of a woman with a music book, presumably a musician and entertainer. The woman is wearing a simple dress with light patterning. It is believable that if this woman was entertaining nobles she would have to have a nice dress but it would be simple in comparison to the high nobles. She is also wearing very thin necklaces, this portrays her as less importance because the size and small quantity.
This is a portrait of a woman, probably a noble. The artist painted this portrait with looser lines. The dress with high collar gives an illusion of a longer neck. The artist illustrates the many layers of her clothes layered with jewelry to show her status level. The heavy metal in her jewelry suggests wealth. The artist uses a dark background to contrast with her desk, accentuating the colors in her dress.
This portrait is of a woman, possibly a woman of the church. The artist uses subtle colors to downplay her importance. The background blends with her dress colors and she wears whites and browns. She does not wear jewelry except a ring, though she is holding a necklace that looks to be a rosary.
This portrait is of a young woman, possibly a daughter in a noble house. The dress she wears is layers of expensive fabric as illustrated by he fine embroidery and patterns. She is wearing layers of jewelry through out the outfit also displaying her wealth. Again the dress is red to bring out the color in the woman’s complexion, and green background to contrast it.
This portrait is of a very important woman. The artist portrays her in very many layers of intricately designed fabric. She has some jewelry attached to her clothes too. The artist chose to add the woman’s dog, this probably holds some importance to the subject though I feel like not as much to the artist. The dog doesn’t seem to be done with as much detail as the female. The artist used looser lines maybe to represent the fur better.
This portrait is of a woman of great importance. Like some of the previous paintings, she is dressed in fine, layered fabric. She has some necklaces with heavy broaches that hang low on the body. This implies her wealth, as well as the environment she is in. The artist uses very tight lines to show a lot of detail.
Credits: All media
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