Egyptian Sculptures through time.

My works of art is about Egyptian sculptures through time the different works of art I picked show all the sculptures have changed through the years and how they are different from one another. I tried to pick men and woman in my choices to make it look like it is changed. these works of art all have something in common their iconic smile the Egyptian culture wanted to depict their sculptures with iconic smiles and have them look different each time a sculpture was made.

this is a sculpture of the young goddess in her hand she is holding a depiction of her self with the same facial features. the smaller one has a crown on her head to show that she was important.
this statue is of Lady sennuwy she is sitting down with her hands on her thighs. she is made of stone it looks like. You can see that she is female by her Brest. she has a iconic smile on her face.
this statue is of Nehy she is seated and she is looking forward. this statue looks like it has been through a lot through its time. One of her hands is held up the other is by her side.
This statue is of a upper part of king Thutmose III. He has no arms or legs. which shows the importance of the statue is the face and upper body. He was a important king to the Egypt culture.
This statue is of Ramesses II he has a cut on his chest where the statue was starting to get old. if you look at his face you can see that he has a iconic smile and that he was to be seen from the front.
this statue is of a woman that was captain of the royal. she does not have no legs, no feet and she hardly has no arms. she is depicted to be royalty and her hand look like she is praying.
This sculpture is a group sculpture of Ka-nefer and his family. in the sculpture is his wife and son. as you look close you can see that the wife and son has a hand on the leg of Ka-nefer. the wife is neiling by one leg as the son stands by the other.
This statue is of Maya and Merit they both have iconic smiles and they are sitting down. Maya has long hair and Merit has short hair. From the looks of the sculpture it looks like it was made out of wood or stone that has been through a lot.
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