Nothing But clear blue skies

This gallery includes a collection of masterpieces that use a clear sky as the background and setting to showcase the beauty in daylight textures and illumination. Gallery created by: Bertrand Larrieu

Woman with a Parasol is a painting of Madame Monet and Her son on a casual day on the top of a small hill. The use of the contrasting sky blue colors against the green grass are a very important part of this piece. The shadows also help develop a personal perspective.
Lady's Cove, Langland Bay, Wales is a painting that focuses a lot on the setting which is the beach. The clear sky and the ocean are clearly distinct from each other with the help of a change in tonality. This painting clearly sets a mood by having more than 50% of the painting being the clear skies.
Hotel des roches noires. Trouville is a painting that showcases a normal day in the hotel. The clear light-blue sky helps bring the empowering figure of the flag. The intensity of the brightness of the day is clearly demonstrated with the colors and textures chosen, and from the detailed shadows.
Banks of the Loing - Autumn Effect, 1881 is a painting that represents the scenery of the banks during Autumn. The dryness of the environment is highlighted through the use of the daylight sky as a heavy bright texture. The shadows are very prolonged, which brings more importance to the illumination.
Pont Neuf, Paris is a painting that showcases the landscape of a crowded scene under the clear sky. The intensity of the colors and the clarity of the sky help bring the texture to life. The shadows of the people in the picture clearly demonstrate the transparency of the day.
Cliff Walk at Pourville is very potent image of a regular cliff under the sky. The textures are what bring intensity to the picture, along with the bright celestial palette used to color the grass and ocean. The clear skies are, however, what helps bring the intensity of the picture with a sense of round closure.
The Sugar Mill is a painting that showcases the laboring life and the scenery on a regular day. The colors and the hue is very intense, which brings a sense of seriousness to the picture. It is, however, the light blue sky that help shape the tone of the picture and by contrasting bring the rest of the elements to life.
Reu de la Bavole, Honfleur is a painting that shows a street on port Honfleur in the middle of the day. The people depicted on the picture give a mundane everyday feeling to the picture. But it is the daylight and the clear sky what truly help bring the intensity on the texture of the street and buildings, as well as the intensity of the shadows.
The Piazza San Marco, Venice showcases in a blurry yet impactful painting the Piazza San Marco during the day. Although it is typical of impressionism to leave the details for the viewer to fill the gaps, it is clear that the sky helps set the mood. Even the streets themselves seem to be reflecting the intensity of the light-blue sky.
Bassin d'Argenteuil is a painting that depict an amazing landscape during the day. The prolonged shadows and bright tone, along with the perpendicular and vertical lines help make the picture very well distributed. The blue sky takes the primary role by being in the majority of the piece, but also greatly affecting the tonality and texture of the rest of the art piece.
Credits: All media
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