contemporary ART

I chose this art  pieces, because I really like the detail and the meaning of each. Most of them really represent what society goes through everyday. 

I really enjoy this piece bacause it has a lot of things going on, diverse patterns and a lot of details. If you look close into the painting, there's even a window with a view of what's outside besides all of the other things going on.
I enjoy this art piece because it's like pop art and really simple. The simplicity makes it calming and really enjoyable to the eye.
This art piece made it to my gallery, because I think it represents the different personalities that we see everyday, plus, I really like how they all overlap, like if it's trying to say that we all have different personalities.
This was my favorite piece. I love this art work. I don't consider it a lot like contemporary art, but it's still awesome. I love that the artist only used two color and you can still see that it's a mountain. Simple and beautiful.
I love this art piece because if you look deep into it you can see the little graffiti. I really like and enjoy the small detail, and how they look like trains that where attacked by graffiti.
This is also one of my favorite pieces of the gallery. It is really peaceful, but also really loud. It's a smooth image with radiant colors. I really like the contrast.
Besides the image, I love the tittle. "I am you & you are me". I love how the tittle explains the painting and it changes the perspective, because before reading it, I only thought it had no meaning, and with the title if feel like it's telling you that you can be anyone else, but always be you.
I really like this piece. I shows a valuable aspect of society. It shows how kids will always want to play, no matter what circumstances they are going through.
I like this picture because it is really humorous. For me, this art piece is sort of telling us that we've evolved to be lazy and instead of enjoying everything that's out there, we prefer to go to the movies.
I think that this is art piece with more meaning. Most of the time we stop doing thing we like because society stands boundaries, and it's shown here, shuts the doors of opportunity.
Credits: All media
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