Kaleb Bennett's Thoughts on the Natural Perspective and Contrasts of the world 

My name is Kaleb Bennett and in this gallery I will show off pieces of art that depict perspective found in nature and highlights the contrasts that can be create in these scenes along with

analyzing the emotions that a simple

landscape can manifest.         

A mountain far in the distance with a river at the base twisting threw a woodland towards our view point. The perspective in this piece seems to be drawn from the tip of mountain creating movement
Sheep on the edge of a rocky cliff looking out over a flat plain with a dark sky in the fore ground. The contrast between the close sky and the far sky along with the rocks and the grass draws the viewers eyes.
A black and white image of a river wining down a woodland with distant mountains that fade into the bleached sky. The black and white create strong contrast between for-ground and back ground.
A landscape that reaches out far into the distance with faded mountains complimenting the sun-bleached out stretched hills with a a hue of purple. Atmospheric perspective helps aid this image's sense of space
The sun has just set, igniting the sky with a vast rang of orange shades. The brightness of the sky causes the landscape to just be made of silhouettes. The contrast of the illuminated sky and burnt environment cause a battle for the viewers attention
the image depicts a harbor enclosed by trees and rocks. Threw the mouth of the harbor faded mountains can be seen. This piece used the inlet and trees to frame the the more distant objects from our perspective.
The sun is setting, but a large mountain is obstructing the view and casting a long shadow towards us. Even so the vibrate colors of the twilight can clearly be seen in the sky and along the other mountains. There is great contrast between then lights and darks with shadow helping with perspective.
The sun is near to setting as it seems to be hovering over the horizon pouring its light over the ocean. There is a rock mount on the right side of and a tree cut off on the left. These two objects frame the sun and allow the viewer to focus in on the light reseeding in to the distance
This painting shows a beach as is curves off into the distance with a few leafy palms in the foreground, a lone white tipped mountain in the middle, and a barley visible mountain far out of our perspective. The viewers eye seems to follow the coast into the distance.
The image is centered on a taller tree that leeds into a group of smaller ones yet the eye seems to look deeper, pasts the shrubbery to mountains in the distance. Atmospheric perspective causes them to appear faded as they expand back.
Credits: All media
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